Taking a look at former Formula 1 champs, joining in on the everlasting debate with a brief analysis of historical race results.

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If you’re a fan of Formula 1, you‘re probably aware of the classic Car vs. Driver debate. What makes a champion? A driver who outclasses their peers with superior skill and craft, or the carefully engineered multi-million dollar car?

Many have thrown their hat into this debate. Former Mercedes Engineer Paddy Lowe contends that current champion Lewis Hamilton’s success in recent years has more to do with the driver’s talent than he is given credit for; Daniel Ricciardo…

Training an LSTM to create ridiculously pretentious product reviews.

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I apologize in advance if you’re a whiskey enthusiast who just happened to stumble across this article and are offended by it’s subtitle. What’s the difference between scotch and whiskey anyway? What about scotch whiskey? I’ll tell you what they have in common: All their product reviews are written in a language which more resembles a code which could only be interpreted by fellow aficionados.

It’s a brave person who tries to persuade a malt like Lagavulin to go into a different direction. Indeed, even PX casks, from the sweetest fortified…

An application of a hierarchical time series model on a dataset of historical soda sales in Greece.

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On a hot summer day, you walk into the local store, looking for something to quench your thirst. You make a turn down the beverage aisle, and are greeted by a fully stocked shelf with a wide selection of ice cold sodas. It’s almost something that we take for granted, that the shelves never seem to go empty. Behind the scenes, forecasting is a critical part of every store’s operations to ensure that inventory levels are kept at just the right level. …

A detailed case study in building a multivariate time series model to forecast daily electricity demand in Victoria, Australia.

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Electricity demand forecasting is critical to power grid management and operation. As electricity demand ebbs and flows cyclically throughout the days and seasons, power generators aim to sell excess capacity for the highest price, while filling excess demand at the lowest price. As such, the ability to predict electricity demand has real economic value.

In this case study, we will be using this dataset containing 6 years of daily electricity demand data in Victoria, Australia. Our model will be built using Prophet, a forecasting library currently under development by Facebook.

Our main objective is to create a model that can…

WallStreetBets is a fast-growing Reddit community with almost 1.5 million members where users post about investing, speculative trading, and the stock market in general. Between the memes of never-ending economic stimulus, or the recent surge in tech stock prices, you’ll find members posting about their next big trade.

At first glance, it’s obvious that WallStreetBets is not your usual investor forum. One of WallStreetBets’ mantras is YOLO (or, “you only live once”, for the uninitiated). …

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