Writing Fake Scotch Reviews

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Distribution of points given in each product review. The reviews are generally very positive. The mean score was 87/100. The lowest score was 63/100, and the highest was 97/100.

Model Design

A basic illustration of how the network maps an input sequence of tokens to integers, and how the last word of the sequence (output) is decided. In this illustration, the output is decided deterministically, though stochastic methods may also be used.


Generating Fake Reviews

  1. Decide the length of the fake review (This was randomly sampled uniformly between (76, 95) tokens, which was the IQR of the length of the reviews in the dataset.
  2. Randomly initialize the sequence with n - 1 random tokens.
  3. Feed the input sequence into the model to predict the next token.
  4. Append the last token to the end of the sequence.
  5. Take the last n - 1 tokens in the sequence and repeat steps 3 and 4 until the desired length is reached.







Further considerations




mostly for fun

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Alex Leung

Alex Leung

mostly for fun

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